Kids With Food Allergies

If your child has recently been diagnosed with one (or multiple) food allergies or sensitivities, it can feel like a completely overwhelming and scary thing. How will you adapt to fit the needs of your child and feed the rest of your family? Will your kid feel deprived, left out, etc. from not being involved in eating foods we may have grown up with and have deep emotional and social ties to? 

The good news is that today more and more food-allergy-friendly -- i like to call them "free from" companies -- are coming to market and offering foods that look and pretty much taste identical to the brands you might commonly be purchasing. A few I like are: 

  • Simple Mills
  • Enjoy Life Foods
  • Freedom Foods

There are also LOADS of resources out there, and you can pretty seamlessly swap out a common ingredient, like milk, for a non-dairy option. Here's a complete list of cooking and baking food swaps for the most common allergies, including peanut, dairy, soy and gluten. 

If your child does have an allergy, and you're feeling overwhelmed or just don't know where to start, reach out! A quick 30minute consultation might be all you need to feeling more confident in feeding your littles. 

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