Food Philosophy

Kim believes in the power of food and is on a mission to help change the way the world eats.

Today's food industry and their smart marketing can be overwhelming and  confusing, with many unhealthy products appearing to be healthy. Kim helps people navigate the endless food choices and encourages eating real food, whole foods, and minimally processed foods as often as possible.

Thousands of studies continue to confirm the benefits of a plant-based diet, and in conjunction with those studies, Kim gravitates towards that style of eating. However, Kim also firmly believes in the power of dietary labels, and specifically their ability to constrain and confine, often resulting in long term food fears, phobias and disordered eating habits. She coaches those who both eat animal products and not. 

What is Kim's dietary approach? Clean, natural, local and seasonal. Limited processed and refined foods. Most importantly, an individualized eating plan that works for you - one that supports your taste buds and your health. 

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