Why I Don't Count Calories


Calories in = calories out. It's simple math for weight loss and good health right? 

5 years ago I actually would have probably agreed with you. And today, while there's a place for calorie counting for specific medical nutrition therapy, on a whole I think it's an antiquated and unrealistic way to live a healthy life. 

In fact, i think counting calories and wellness are not synonymous at all.. and would argue to you that if you spend multiple minutes of multiple days spending time counting calories than you're pulling that energy from a place where it could be more positively spent. 

When we only look at calories, we overlook the fact that each macro and micronutrient is metabolized differently and used differently in our bodies. Hormonal response, or lack there of, depends on the type of food moreso then the energy amount. And the biggest worry, especially for women, is that calorie counters often shy away from high fat - healthy fat - foods because of their inherent nature of being higher calorie. And there's a lot of danger in that (We will save that for another post). 

You will not maintain wellness, you will not feel good inside and out, by eating low calorie packaged foods versus real, whole, high calorie foods / meals. You might be able to manage a diet like this for a short period of time but over time it will break you down and manifest itself in a myriad of health issues. 

So I encourage you to stop looking at the calories and start looking at the ingredients. Start omitting packaged foods from your diet and focusing on the real foods - the leafy greens, the whole grains, the healthy fats, the wild, pasture-raised and grass-fed proteins. In doing so i'm willing to bet you'll find peace with food, balance in life and a set happy, healthy weight.