15mo. Postpartum Check In

Nora w her cousin Thomas (1yr)

Nora w her cousin Thomas (1yr)

My baby (note, now a full blow toddler) turns 15 mo. on Friday. HOW? I can't tell if it's been the longest year + 3 mo. of my life or the shortest. Regardless, it has been both the hardest and the most rewarding. 

For the most part I feel like my "old self" again. We're even sleeping through *most* nights. But every now and again I get a good ole twinge deep in that pelvic floor when working out. Or, I notice the lingering pregnancy-acne redness that is still deep beneath the surface of my face. 

I wouldn't trade these battle wounds for anything. Actually, I think i'm about ready to start thinking about doing it all over again. But I will say I've worked super hard in the last 6-9 mo. focusing on how to live a cleaner, more holistic life that nourishes  my body from both food and beyond. And it has made a huge difference for me. 

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